Siew Pui Yi, one of the most influential women across Asia with a successful career and achievements at the age of 23. Due to her bold photos posted all over her social media platforms, she became well known both locally and international. Since then, she started becoming one of the social media influencers with the highest-earning in Asia.

Sugar PuiYi was also awarded with the International Asia Wang Hong Award in Shanghai, China as the top influencer in Asia. She is now the star of social media who has over 15.6 million followers on her official mspuiyi Instagram, 445k followers on Facebook, 117k followers on Youtube and 20k followers on Siew Pui Yi Twitter.

Other than being an influencer, she is a successful entrepreneur too. She is the founder of "MSPUIYI Cosmetics" and "Kiseki Skincare" where she is able to offer more choices of cosmetic accessories and skincare products to the Asian market. Siew Pui Yi OnlyFans is one of the popular talks that all her fans have been raving about and are familiar with. She is known as the top content creator in OnlyFans who has already gained a total of 200k likes.

Furthermore, PuiYi Sugar is an excellent talent that most of the brands are looking forward to sign her up in as their brand ambassador. Few years back, online casinos such as Bodabet and ECLBET managed to sign a contract with MSPUIYI to be their brand ambassador. Through the partnership and the impact of MSPUIYI towards the public, there were many positive values added to these brands.

The Strong Emergence of MSPUIYI As EUBET's Newest Global Brand Ambassador 2021/2022

On the 8th of November 2021, EUBET is thrilled to announce that MSPUIYI is now onboard in becoming their new brand ambassador. On that night, she attended a grand signing ceremony organized by EUBET where she was the centre of attraction to all audiences when she walked down the red carpet under the spotlights, wearing a red gorgeous gown.

In response to the question asked to the general manager of EUBET during a candid interview on the reasons in choosing MSPUIYI as the ambassador, he answered:” Our team did go through many skilful talents that could possibly become our next ambassador of EUBET, but we all agreed that MSPUIYI is the best choice among all the other candidates. Of course, being the top influencer in Asia is what we looked for in becoming the perfect candidate for this position with the best online casino brand.”

Being the ambassador for online casino brands is not something new in MSPUIYI's career as she was once the brand ambassador of Bodabet and ECLBET. Thus, she has accumulated experiences and familiar characters in the online casino niche. With that, she has become the symbol that represents safety and trust.

SIEW PUI YI - A Symbolic of the Safest and Most Trusted Online Gaming Platform around Asia

EUBET is well known as the safest and trusted online casinos in Asia as they are licensed and authorised by the government of Gaming Curacao which operates under the Master License of Gaming Services Provider. Therefore, with the appearance of MSPUIYI, EUBET foresee to continue moving forward in becoming the largest and top reliable online casino in Asia.


With the collaboration of MSPUIYI, EUBET has upgraded the website with a unique and brand-new user interface. As MSPUIYI symbolizes passionate, youthfulness and vibrantness, EUBET decided to go with red as the main colour of the website to portray that EUBET is passionate in providing the up-to-date and fastest online gaming platform in Asia.

EUBET also provides two different types of user interface which are mobile-friendly and desktop version as they aim to provide the best gaming experience on both your mobile phone and laptop.

Benefitting the Luxury Casino Promotional Offers from Our New Ambassador Grand Launching

In conjunction with the grand emergence of MSPUIYI, EUBET has repackaged and released more exciting bonuses. Everyone can now get to experience luxurious online casino promotions and bonuses!

MSPUIYI mentioned "越玩越好玩'' in the video which translates to “the more you play, the more fun you’ll get”. Therefore, EUBET came up with more exclusive MSPUIYI special packages for all the players to enjoy. You can now experience more exciting games and promotions that we have prepared for you without any hassle!

Let’s check out what are the MSPUIYI special bonus packages:

MSPUIYI Lucky Spin Wheel

Get rewarded with a lucky spin by depositing only once! Deposit now and get yourself entitled to win up to $3888 on MSPUIYI Lucky Spin Wheel. Spin with her now!

Redeem any EUBET’S MSPUIYI repackaged special bonus and enjoy it with MSPUIYI on EUBET today! These bonus packages will be made available for redemption in games such as live casino, online slot, sports betting and many more! A friendly heads up to claim these special bonuses before it expires and runs out of slots!

MSPUIYI Exclusive Starter Pack

EUBET has also offered a new MSPUIYI $50 FREE $50 starter pack. A reward to welcome all new members, you only need to deposit $50 to be entitled to claim an additional FREE $50! Sounds like a great deal? Deposit now and claim it to enjoy more EUBET games.

MSPUIYI 300% Welcome Bonus

More goodies are on its way to you! 150% of welcome bonus from other online platforms is not enough, MSPUIYI 300% WELCOME BONUS has your back! Let’s together we welcome our new ambassador Siew Pui Yi and enjoy the fun.

MSPUIYI Live Casino 68% Welcome Bonus

The latest MSPUIYI 68% live casino welcome bonus is here! You can redeem it and start playing with EUBET online live casinos such as live roulette, live baccarat, blackjack and more exciting games! Come join us on live casino games now!

Enjoy Your Betting Online Journey with MSPUIYI by Today!

In this collaboration with MSPUIYI, EUBET look forward to continue elevating their brand awareness in Singapore as well as other countries across Asia countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam and the rest by portraying itself as a youthful and vibrant brand through the partnership.

During this collaboration period, she will be featured in EUBET advertisements and will appear all over our social media platforms. To all MSPUIYI fans out there, make sure to keep an eye out on our platforms. It is time to kick start your online betting journey with MSPUIYI today! Feel free to visit our website to find out more promotions and luxurious casino bonuses.

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